Inspired by street art, collage, and photography; I create approachable and whimsical multimedia art that invites you to spend time with the moments and subjects that move me. 

I first began creating art in a darkroom. I loved watching the photos appear on the paper, and manipulating the negatives, chemicals, and paper to get different results. I soon took on digital photography, and began photographing people and events, developing a style leaning towards photojournalism, but with strong graphic composition.

Collage and wheat paste are two accessible processes that were a natural evolution from the standard photographic print. Influenced by street art techniques, I began wheat pasting the images outdoors, and exploring the medium of paper prints and how they could be manipulated; often times hand painting over with watercolor or acrylics.

As I began to explore with materials and mediums, I added paper from other sources, and my experimentations with collage led me to the use of outside sources to add to my original images. I create with all the mismatched pieces and processes that come my way so that I can continue to express the beauty and wonder I see all around me.


Bachelor of Arts 2009

University of Texas San Antonio Early Childhood Education Suma Cum Laude

Associate of Fine Arts 2004

San Antonio College Photography


2015 “1005 Faces” Carver Community Cultural Center
“Burkina Faso and Haiti” Carver Community Cultural Center

2014 “1005 Faces” Southwest School of Art
2012 “Life in Dano, Burkina Faso” Pop Up Art @ Local Coffee


2016 “Color of Blind” San Antonio “CoLab Collective” San Antonio

“Vandali Transit Authority” Contemporary Art Month Show, San Antonio 2014 “Artist Foundation Map Party” San Antonio


Pax Financial, San Antonio
City of San Antonio
Barbara Jordan Community Center, San Antonio Explore USA, San Antonio


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“Faces of San Antonio” San Antonio Magazine May 2013


Sarah Brooke Lyons “1005 Faces” 2016


Awesome SA Grant July 2013

“Best Photographer in San Antonio” San Antonio Current Winner 2014; Honorable Mention 2015